Top 5 Female Clothing Stores in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh’s fashion industry has been growing quickly over the past few years, thanks to the growing demand for trendy, new clothes in Bangladesh and worldwide. Female clothing shops are an important part of the industry because they offer a wide range of options for women of different ages, tastes, and preferences. In this article, we’ll look at the top five stores in Bangladesh for women’s clothes that offer good products, great service, and reasonable prices.

1. Zeroes Online Shopping


Zeroes Online Shopping is a well-known store in Bangladesh that sells clothes for women. It has an extensive selection of clothes that are in style. Women like this shop because they can find clothes that fit their style and personality. Customers can look through different categories and filters on the website, which is easy to use. They can also see the scores and reviews of other customers, which helps them make better decisions. The quality of their dress is the best. People can easily buy a dress from their website or choose their clothing from their shop. Low prices allow more people to buy clothes from Zeroes Online Shopping. It also sometimes has deals and discounts that can help you save money and get more for your money. The store cares about style and quality, ensuring its clothes are made with suitable materials and fit well. Customers trust it to have what they want and get their items on time.

  • Facebook Page: Zeroes Online Shopping
  • Website Link:
  • Address: Mirpur Outlet Shop: 709, Level-7(Lift-6) Shah Ali Plaza, Mirpur-10. Bashundhara Outlet Shop-90/91, Level-2, Block-C Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Panthapath., Dhaka, Bangladesh

2. Ambar


Ambar is a well-known and popular store in Bangladesh that has sold clothes for women of all ages for over 10 years. People who like fashion like that their clothes are unique and extraordinary. They have clothes for all seasons, events, and feelings. At Ambar BD, you can find deshi-designed Kurti, Saree, Salwar Kameez, and Panjabi, with a mix of native culture and modernity in each dress. They have a lot of different clothes that women like to wear. Ambar BD cares a lot about using good materials and making good clothes. Customers can have fun shopping for clothes at Ambar BD and find the style that makes them look and feel great.

  • Facebook Page: Ambor
  • Website Link:
  • Address: 03, House # 06, Road # Mainroad, Block # A Mirpur 11, Dhaka

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3. Lavisho


Lavisho BD is a well-known store in Bangladesh for women’s clothes. It has a large following because it provides economical and fashionable garments. It has many types of clothes that appear excellent and satisfy different tastes, such as dresses, shirts, skirts, trousers, and accessories. Whether you prefer to dress casually, formally, or anywhere in between, Lavisho BD has something for you. Lavisho BD is also concerned about the workers who manufacture the clothes and the environment. Fashionistas can show off their style while saving money and the environment with Lavisho BD.

  • Facebook Page: Lavisho
  • Website Link:
  • Address: Police Plaza Concord Market Gulshan 1- – Shop No, 310/311, Dhaka, Bangladesh

4. Eshana


Eshana is a popular and renowned online shop in Bangladesh that sells many different kinds of clothes for women. Every season, it has new clothes for women who like to change their style and keep up with the latest trends. It has clothes for every situation, from daily casual clothes to formal clothes for work or events to traditional clothes for festivals or ceremonies. The clothes are stylish and good value for money because they are easy to wear, made of high-quality materials, and inexpensive. Eshana wants customers to be pleased. To do this, they have a team of helpful and friendly people who answer questions, give advice, and help customers find their needs. It has everything women need for fashion, from tops and dresses to pants and accessories, in many colors, patterns, and styles. In Bangladesh, Eshana is a good place to go if you like fashion and want to save money. It has a wide range of fashion options for every style and price.

  • Facebook Page: Eshana
  • Phone: 01602-582962

5. Fashion N Style


Fashion N Style is an online based clothing store in Bangladesh. It sells nice clothes that are in style for women of today. It picks patterns that are in style and looks good and smart. Fashion N Style ensures its high-quality, relaxing clothes show off the customers’ personalities. It cares about every little part of the clothes. The shop has dresses, tops, pants, and other clothes. They help women show how they like to dress. The customers have a good time buying at Fashion N Style. They choose a dress and order from their online page. The store knows what people like and what’s in style. People in Bangladesh who like fashion should go to Fashion N Style. There, they can find style, quality, and good service.

Which Female Clothing Store in Bangladesh Stands Out?

Bangladesh has a lot of great places to buy clothes for women. Every shop has something different and unique to sell. Zeroes Online Shopping sells clothes for different events that are both affordable and stylish. Ambar BD helps customers find the right clothes and treats them with respect and care. Lavisho BD sells trendy clothes that won’t break the bank and are also good for the environment and society. Eshana has many clothes that are trendy, comfortable, and of good quality. Fashion N Style has stylish and classy clothes that make people look beautiful. To choose a store, consider how much money you have, what clothes you like, and how you want to shop. You should check out what each store has and choose the one that has the clothes you want.


In Bangladesh, these are the top 5 places to buy clothes for women. They are called Zeroes Online Shopping BD, Ambar BD, Lavisho BD, Eshana, and Fashion N Style. They have many different kinds of clothes for women that are all different. All the stores sell brand-new clothes that are in style everywhere. Some shops can help you decide what to wear based on your body type, skin tone, and style. Some shops have clothes for casual, dressy parties, weddings, and other events. And some shops sell clothes that look nice and are made of high-quality materials and elegant patterns.

These shops help women find things they like and can afford. They also help the clothing business grow and change in Bangladesh. They develop new designs, use new tools, and give people in the clothing business new jobs. If a woman likes clothes, she should check out these places, find her style, and keep up with the latest fashions. Women can show their style and feel good about themselves in these shops. They make women happy and proud of the clothes they wear.

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