8 Things To Consider Before Making A Career In Fashion

Fashion is a constantly changing industry, full of competition. As such, it’s important for a fashion designer to be well-rounded, and to have acquired basic skills like how to conduct market research or how to read body types, just in case that skill becomes increasingly useful very shortly!


8 Things To Consider Before Making A Career In Fashion

1. It’s Not Just For Glamour

Fashion can be cumbersome at times. Though it can be glamorous and dreamy, there are still many challenges that lie ahead such as deadline pressures, last-minute changes, hectic nights, and unending work. Careers in the fashion field require true dedication and passion, otherwise one will not get the creative vision they want to promote.

2. Pressure Cooker

The fashion megacorp is a pressure cooker. Some days are challenging and incredibly stressful. Unfortunately, the world of designer handbags and summer collections can sometimes seem like one big fight club but this cage match mentality is just so often a way to mask the plain truth that everyone is scared!

3. Reinvent Yourself

Innovation is the key! Remain innovative in your approach, develop good critical thinking skills, explore alternatives and be sure to communicate your ideas in a meaningful way so that people understand what you mean. Keep up to date with the global market; try to find potential opportunities it presents while respecting organizational needs. If you are a man try stylish shirts for men in new patterns.

4. Take Inspiration From Anything And Everything

Be original, be a storyteller. Inspiration comes from anywhere and it could be as simple as your cat’s fur or the shape of the clouds outside – it all depends on how you interpret them and make them work for you when it comes to your creative vision.

5. Ready To Explore

Fashion is more than about designers, but it’s also all about anything that goes into production! There are many different jobs to choose from when it comes to fashion. They range from the very specific such as a bangle designer to the multifaceted such as a business manager and accountant roles in addition to those who manage accounts for multiple brands under one roof! You can also explore the summer co ord sets for this season.

6. Be An Excellent Observer

As a curious mind, keep your eyes and ears open to everything you happen upon in the world. People, artwork, places, colors, and sounds – travel as often as possible to experience all of them. Cultivating this mindset will enable you to think freely and more importantly gives you insight into a lot of new things which might help with enhancing your work.

7. It’s All About Identity!

Take your time in school to figure out your identity – collect things that you are drawn toward, note common traits in your work and find what your signature style is. Then, make sure you understand the needs of the audience by paying attention to what they wear and how their tastes trend. Think about their feelings and how you can merge that with your style.

8. A Label Needs Truckloads Of Cash To Survive

Starting up a fashion label can seem easy but it’s actually what kills you after spending all your money to keep your business afloat. A business house needs to be constantly renewed with money to survive – especially during the first five years of its operation. The more successful you are, the more money you need. Starting a label fresh out of school is one of the most stupid things you can do for your career unless you have an infinite pool of capital,

If you truly want your label:

  1. start saving as soon as possible
  2. work for an established brand
  3. learn everything about the industry
  4. When you have enough experience and capital, dive in head first!


There are many reasons why people choose a career in fashion. Some are interested in the business side of the industry, while others simply love the look and feel of the clothing. Whatever your reason is, there are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing fashion as your career path.

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