Prothom Alo Weekly Job Newspaper 28 July 2023

ProthomAlo News Patrika
ProthomAlo News Patrika

Like every week again on 28 July 2023 ProthomAlo News Patrika¬† Weekly Job Bakri magazine has been published. You know that Prothom Alo Job News publishes all types of job circulars including government, private, NGO, various companies in the weekly Job Bakri newspaper. So Prothom Alo Weekly Job News published on 28/07/2023 is published first on Friday every week. So let’s know the details in the light of 28 July (Friday) Prothom Alo Job News Weekly Job Bakri Patrika.

Prothom Alo Job News 28/07/2023

ProthomAlo News Patrika weekly newspaper employment circular is published every Friday. 28 July 2023 Prothom Alo Job Bakri newspaper publishes government and private job news. Today 28-07-2023 To get Prothom Alo Job News, Prothom Alo Job Circular, Prothom Alo Job Circular, Prothom Alo Job Govt. Prothom Alo Job Notification 2023 publishes notification for various posts in various organizations. Private Organization Job Circular, Bank Job Circular News, NGO Recruitment Circular, Multinational Company Circular, Govt Jobs. Now visit our website to get full weekly Prothom Alo Job Circular 2023 Government, Private Recruitment Circular information here.

Prothom Alo Job Circular 28-07-2023

Prothom Alo, established on 4th November 1998, is currently the second most circulated daily newspaper in Bangladesh, published by the Maliktranscom Group, with Motiur Rahman as the publisher and editor. The newspaper has played a vital role in providing job news, becoming a reliable source for individuals seeking employment opportunities. People frequently search for Prothom Alo job news on Google, highlighting the newspaper’s importance in this aspect. Understanding the demand, Prothom Alo regularly publishes job news on its website, keeping job seekers informed about various job recruitment circulars.

Prothom Alo Weekly Job Newspaper 28 July 2023

Apart from being a renowned newspaper, Prothom Alo also has a popular magazine called Job Bakri. This magazine offers comprehensive information across different job categories. It is printed in six colors and has become a go-to resource for job-related updates. Over the years, Prothom Alo has adopted different slogans to reflect its social movement, with the most recent one being “On the Path of Light with Goodness,” introduced on the occasion of its 20th founding anniversary in 2018.

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For job seekers, Prothom Alo Job News and Prothom Alo Magazine Today News in 2023 are valuable sources. The newspaper’s website,, provides a dedicated section for job news, allowing easy access to job circulars and employment opportunities. Aspiring candidates can find Prothom Alo job circulars, both from NGOs and other sectors, on their website.


ProthomAlo  News PatrikaProthomAlo  News PatrikaProthomAlo  News Patrika

Weekly Job News Paper 28 July 2023

Prothom Alo Jobs Bakri is highly regarded among job seekers, offering relevant and up-to-date information on job openings. The Prothom Alo Weekly Job Magazine has become a reliable guide for those on the lookout for employment opportunities. As one of the leading newspapers in Bangladesh, Prothom Alo’s daily edition contains a section dedicated to job news, providing readers with insights into current job vacancies and employment trends.

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As the job market constantly evolves, Prothom Alo continues to be a trusted companion for individuals navigating their career paths. Its commitment to publishing job-related information has made it a popular choice among job seekers. Whether it’s Prothom Alo Job News, Prothom Alo Job Circulars, or Prothom Alo Weekly Job Magazine, the newspaper has become a beacon for those searching for employment opportunities in Bangladesh.

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Many people are searching for job news, Prothom Alo job news, Prothom Alo job news on Google almost every day, so it can be said that Prothom Alo plays a very important role for job news. Many people are looking for job news, so we regularly publish job news on our site. Moreover, Prothom Alo will provide information about a job recruitment circular called Job News. Job Bakri magazine is a very popular magazine. They provide a lot of information in different categories.

Saptahik Chakrir Biggapon Potrika 28-07-2023

It was first published on 4 November 1998 which is currently the second most circulated daily newspaper in Bangladesh Maliktranscom Group Publisher Motiur Rahman Editor Motiur Rahman Established 4 November 1998 Headquarters Pragati Insurance Bhawan, 20-21, Dhaka Karwan Bazar -1215 Language Bangla English Online only. The magazine is printed in six colors. The slogan that the newspaper adopted first as a signal of social movement (Prothom Alo with all that is good). In 2008, it was changed to (Change, Change) and the slogan was adopted. In 2013, a new slogan was added on the occasion of Prothom Alo’s 15th anniversary (Bangladesh will not lose its way). In 2018 for the 20th founding anniversary, the slogan was changed to (On the Path of Light with Goodness).

Saptahik Chakrir khobor Potrika 28-07-2023

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